But, Why?. . .

I've noticed a distubing trend, even in wellness circles.

Let me start here. . .

I used to teach pitching lessons to young ladies, dreaming of playing softball in college. Their sweet Daddy-catchers, who spend YEARS sitting on a bucket, and driving them to practices, catching. . throwing. . catching. . throwing . . show up exhausted and complaining that she "keeps throwing it to the left." They have her stand to to the right of the pitching mat. They have her turn her body so that when she heads to the left, she might be closer to the middle.

Our health and wellness industries are the same way. . you have a cough? take this syrup. Do you have pain? take this pill. Do you have a stomach ache? take this chalky tablet.

We need to step back. We need to look for the root cause. We shouldn't settle for the quickest answer, the memorized, the flash card response. Little Jenny (name changed to protect the adorable) did throw to the left. Why?

Her hand was turned when she released the ball. Why?

It seems to swing far out to the right before she releases the ball. Why?

She's trying to get her hand around her hip. Why?

She's not getting into an "open" stance. Why?

Her stride is too short. Why?

She responds, "Someone told me once, I can't step over that line, so I'm afraid to get too close to it."

Really? That line is 8 feet ahead of her. But, from the corner of her eye, she sees that circle approaching her cleat and she immediately pulls back. We didn't need to turn her body, of fix her hand. . .we worked on her stride and focus on the plate, way out in front of her.

I often see the same quick responses on forums and Facebook pages.

Just this week, I was nauseated. I know what you doTERRA fans are saying. . ."DigestZen!" "Ginger!" Old school, wives tale followers. . "you need a glass of buttermilk.", "soda water", "Apple Cider Vinegar".

No. . wait. . .WHY am I nauseated? When did this start? What else is happening? Oh, I have a weird sore spot in my throat and I'm coughing at night. I was just traveling and there was someone on the plane, hacking up a lung. Dear Hubby seems to have some sort of respiratory thing.

Come to find out, I had a sinus infection and the drainage was making me nauseated.

So, I worked on my stride and focused on the plate. . .

DigestZen WAS used. . but across the bridge of my nose, not down my gullet. I took an On Guard in the morning and at night, kept using the DigestZen on my face. I'm feeling much better now.

(side note. . I've also been using PastTense for an anxious reaction I've been having when I wake up. . it seems to have helped my sinuses clear up as well. . .who knew?)

When we are trying to disrupt healthcare and take back our own wellness. . .we need to disrupt even the common responses. We need to ask Why, why, why and why again. Let's work on our stride and focus on the end result. We want to strike out that player, that germie, that seasonal threat, that upset tummy.

Be well, my friends. . .Again, thanks for hanging out. . in This Oily Life!

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