Bath Bombs

We met on March 31st for our monthly Christmas Craft Night. Several people were here, gathered around the table, all ready to make a mess, play with essential oils combinations and spend time visiting. With those being the goals. . .MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

I researched several recipes and found one that I could make sense of, no matter how many I was planning to make.

Supplies we used:

Assorted Essential Oils

The instructions were fairly easy:

2 parts baking soda

1 part citric acid

1 part epsom salt

soap dye as desired

essential oils

Mix the dry ingredients until there are no lumps and everything is completely incorporated.

The liquid needs to be incorporated slowly, to avoid the citric acid from bubbling. If it bubbles now, it won't when you put it in your tub. We added the dye to the essential oils, in a spoon and stirred it into a small portion of the dry ingredients. Once incorporated, we added more dry ingredient mix until we had the quantity or desired color shade.

Next, I placed a spray top on the witch hazel bottle and we mixed by hand as we sprayed one spray at a time. You want just enough liquid that it feels like wet sand and sticks together when you squeeze it.

Some didn't pop out of the molds as we had hoped; too much or too little witch hazel I suppose. We took those and pressed them into silicone muffin cups and they worked quite well. We put pressed lavender and chamomile flowers into the tops of some, rosemary on others. They turned out quite pretty.

The essential oils used, were as varied as the people around the table. Some used a favorite scent; rose, orange, eucalyptus. Some used specific oils for their compounds; lavender for night time baths, citrus for morning energizing baths, geranium and other florals for skin soothing. You wouldn't believe the amazing scent of my dining room!

This is a fun project which can be completed with children; especially when using muffin cups and tins. They will have a great time mixing with their hands and decorating the tops with flower petals and herbs. Once dry, I took them out of the muffin cups, wrapped them in the plastic bags which came with the molds and placed a label, identifying the mix, to keep the plastic closed. Nothing would be more disappointing than opening one of these to find they'd already fizzled out from moisture in the air.

Recipes for the scents could be gathered from diffuser recipes, roller bottle recipes, any sort of oil combining recipe you can find, just adjust to less than 6 drops per bath bomb.

What are your favorite oils to use in the bath?

What creative ways have you molded bath bombs?

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