5 Tips to a Strong Start

So, this being my first blog post on my new site, I wanted to talk about strong vs. false starts. We've all had false starts, am I right? I would say every year, around January 4th, we realize we "jumped the gun" and joined a race we really weren't ready for.

Here are my top 5 ways to plan for a strong start. Whether you are starting a new health and wellness program, a new job, a new business. I think this will apply.

Tip #1 Know where your starting line begins

You show up wearing your fancy running shoes and you are ready to go! If you're going to win this race, you'd better know where the start line is. A typical client overview includes asking the client to consider their current wellness. Are you sleeping well? Are you choosing healthy food? Are you exercising? What products do you use in your home which may contribute to the toxic load of your environment? If you don't know where you're starting, it's really hard to formulate a plan to finish the race in the correct lane. Let's start there. Let's find your start line, press your fingers into the chalk, stretch your legs back to the blocks and get ready to launch!

Tip #2 Have a coach.

Athletes know how to run. They know how to run within their lane and take advantage of the turns. They know how to pass, and how to finish hard. But, they still need a coach. Coaches sometimes see small changes which can be made, early on, which will keep the athlete from having to retrain to change a bad habit. Coaches also see those things we are doing right and can encourage us to the finish line. We all need a coach, whether that's a friend, family member or someone you trust. Do you have someone in mind already? Someone you can talk to about your goals and plans and get some honest feedback?

Tip #3 You need the right gear.

Every athlete has equipment for training or for performing their sport. We need the right gear for the right task at hand. You wouldn't see a baseball player showing up with a golf club in his hand, likewise, a golfer is pretty set on their style and brand of clubs. If you have determined your health and wellness goals, make sure you have invested in trusted equipment and products which will help you reach your goal.

Tip #4 Train, train and train some more.

An athlete doesn't just train in muscle memory. They train their bodies to recover from brutal conditions. They train their minds to be tough when facing unforeseen challenges. They train their emotions to remain positive when facing defeat. They eat, sleep, hydrate, work, rest, repeat. If you're going to start off a new lifestyle of health and wellness, you're body is going to face some new challenges.

Tip #5 Ya gotta have heart!

My coaching mentor, Coach John, used to always say,"I can teach anyone how to throw, hit and catch. But, if they don't have heart, they might as well go home." Choosing a healthy lifestyle is hard! There are temptations to eat the wrong thing, to not sleep enough, to push off exercise; you've got to want it bad enough that nothing will get in your way. I'm preaching to the choir here, folks. I have a really hard time staying on track some days. I need to remember that I also have some very strong days and I will have more strong days. Let's focus on the success and keep going.

I'd love to dive into each of these a little more and would love you join me! Let's get started with Tip #1 Know Where Your Starting Line Begins. I've prepared a worksheet to help you "Check-in at the Starting Line." Drop me an email at Barb@ThisOilyLife.com and I'd be happy to share it with you.

Ready. . .set. . .GO!

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